The link below provides a PDF file where each page is one phrase, phrase by phrase, of the memory verses for Ephesians 1:1-14.

I have found it difficult to check myself without having to write up a zillion flash cards, or by looking at a printout with all the verses which gives away the next verse when I check the last one(or by finding someone to listen to me recite). With this PDF, you can go phrase by phrase to check yourself. So, on the title page you recite the first part of the first verse (all of verse 1 in this case), then hit page down to verify. Then you do the next phrase and page down again, and so on. I believe this will be quite helpful for first learning the Ephesian verses when it is the most difficult to know we have gotten the words correct.

Let me know how this works for you, and if there is a good response, I’ll post more PDFs for 1 John, James (which I am also memorizing, but not doing a blog right now), and some of the Psalms.

in Christ,  Walt

Ephesians PDF flashcards 1:1-14 ESV