Message from Mark 8 on Jesus revealing who He is to the disciples. They partially see now, but after the resurrection they will see clearly. What about the people we meet? How do they best come to know who Jesus is? How does the Holy Spirit work in their lives to reveal who He is when they are not yet believers? The most effective evangelism is for people to read the gospels for themselves – to see Jesus in action and to hear His teachings for themselves. Granted, they may need some help with the Jewish background of His time to understand the context, but the basic message of the gospels, and the general character and person of Jesus can be comprehended in the gospels just by reading them. Many of the most difficult people have come to faith when they read the gospels. The key is to get them to read – and that may require much prayer and fasting!

Given at Friday night fellowship in Morrisville, NC on January 15, 2016.