As we go through 1 John, a verse each day, the plan is to memorize the verses so that the entire book will be memorized in 104 days. Of course, it is difficult for most of us mortals to memorize such things. I provide a process here that will help.

  • As you read the verse, think of a visualization related to the phrases in the verse that will help you remember. The more the visulazation is like a story line the better.
  • Read the verse ten times in a row thinking of the visualizations. (Do this sometime in the morning)
  • Try to write the verse without looking. If you need to look, that is okay, but keep trying to write the verse out until you can do it without looking. Write the verse on an index card so you can carry it with you throughout the day.
  • Around lunch time, read it again and repeat once. Try reciting it five times in a row without looking.
  • In the evening try to write it down again without looking at it first. If you need to, look at it and then try writing without looking again.
  • The next morning, before adding the next verse, recall the previous verses. We will memorize in sets of ten. So, as verses are added, the verses that had been recalled for ten days will be recalled on the weekend and midweek. More on that when we get there.
  • Of course, always pray that God will give you the ability to do this and that you are doing it for His glory so that His word may be hidden in your heart so that you may be able to use it as needed.